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Wagging Tails

Check out what your neighbors are saying about CityVet.

“I had an opportunity to visit the newest (and coolest) urban vet in downtown Raleigh this past week. CityVet is a vibrant, open space with a ton of technology. Wireless microscopes projected on wall mounted LEDs, in room laboratories, and even a surgical bay with a viewing window. Led by Dr. Pat McCrory from Holly Springs Vet, it is an awesome addition to downtown. Dr. Pat has taken care of our animals for 13 years now. I look forward to skipping the 540 beltline trip! Heading downtown for a visit with Odin, Rocky, or Princess Meatball, and grabbing a Krispy Kreme across the street is a welcome change in our life.”

– Tony Lombard

“We brought in our new cat, Sushi, for a first time health examination. Upon entering, we were greeted by the friendly staff. I admired the new, modern building that is also warm and inviting. We were promptly brought into a room for our cat to calm down and get familiar with new surroundings. Dr. McCrory examined her thoroughly and described every part of the process to us. He was friendly, informative, and even involved us by displaying his microscope findings on a wall-mounted monitor. Not only did we (and Sushi) have a great experience at CityVet, but the overall examination was very affordable. We are happy to have an amazing veterinary service such as this in our backyard!”

– Josh England

“Great staff and really lovely facility. We had a really great visit.”

– Lori Ann Phillips

“Wonderful staff; beautiful and inviting interior; comprehensive, Dr. McCrory explained everything in a thorough and thoughtful manner. Prices were VERY competitive and affordable. All around fantastic experience.”

– Lindsey Cooper

“Wonderful, modern facility. Staff is quite friendly and the experience was very personable, giving you a high level of involvement with your pet/doctor interaction.”

– Joshua C. Kleinstreuer